For years we have been a solid and reliable partner for major trading companies. Thanks to our highly skilled personnel, we guarantee to supply our clients with the most accurate choice of goods. The Company’s Design Department, which sets trends for the Polish market, is our great success. We have the edge over importers who copy designs seen in shops, or those presented by the Far Eastern manufacturers.
We offer a broad range of home textiles. Our offer includes: bedding – both cotton and satin, seersucker fabric, flannel, towels, blankets, products for children, and others. Our offer is distinguished by exclusive sets of bed linen with cotton satin available in two product lines – Carlo Macci and Fashion Satin. With that, we offer printed decorative pillows and bed linen made from cotton satin. We also offer flannel bedding and seersucker fabric. Our bedding linen is manufactured entirely using high quality cotton. A wide range of designs in the collection of bed linen and perfect trimming of fabrics, make them very popular among customers looking for both innovative design and sophisticated classics.

Detexpol also offers comfortable and warm blankets, extremely soft and pleaseant to the touch towels and a full range of product for children. You may also find great choice of fabrics in a variety of sizes in our offer.
Use of supreme quality fabrics during the manufacturing process, allows for an excellent durability for life of our products. Specially selected pigments with extremely high tolerance for discoloration and mechanical factors, paired with a wide array of colours guarantee colourfastness. Confidence that our fabrics will retain their dimensions for the whole period of use is assured by the processes of mercerization and sanforization we use in the final stage of production.

The high quality of our products is the result of our professionalism at every stage of the manufacturing process. We are doing our best to meet our clients’ expectations.

Licensed products


In 2009 we have expanded our offer providing a range of licensed products. To our own brands for adult consumers, brands dedicated to younger customers have been added. For them we create bed linen, towels, blankets, pillows and a range of other products with world famous characters from cartoons and movies. Currently, this group of products is particularly important part of our offer and it is continuously evolving. We offer products based on the following licences: