About us

The Detexpol brand has been creating, inspiring and developing unique and timeless collections for over 10 years. Since the establishment of our company, our main goal has been to provide our customers with high quality products at affordable prices. Our products are created with passion and consistency; it can be seen both in our manufacturing processes and design. Our approach is to create a well reputed brand with a growing market value. From the very beginning we have worked for our Clients’ satisfaction. Our talented and versatile designers, together with sales and marketing specialists supported by cutting-edge technologies pursue the DETEXPOL brand mission, which consists of trendsetting and meeting the needs of our customers, who are searching for quaint pattern designs and high quality products. Over the last few years of our operations, we have developed a consistent, recognizable style. Our products stand out thanks to their innovative design, attention to detail and a broad selection of home textiles. We constantly broaden our knowledge about textiles. In pursuing the company’s mission and to ensure a strong competitiveness, we are focusing on the latest textile pattern trends. High technological level, excellent utility rates, rich patterns, wide range of color combinations and perfect trim are the values that allow us to adjust our offer to the requirement of every single customer. As a leader in the textile sector we set the trends, introduce advanced technologies and create unique collections.

Today Detexpol is one of the most recognizable brands on the Polish market in the home textile sector. Our company is constantly evolving and we operate not only on the local market. Through an extensive network of business contacts our products reach customers all over Europe. This demonstrates the dynamic development of the brand which offers products of the highest quality at an affordable price to our customers.

A group of products that devolop particularly quickly are licensed products. For several years now, we have been offering a wide range of the original images recognizable throughout almost the entire world.

Our clients are people who value beauty, comfort and perfect quality. For them we create designs that allow to express their individuality, and at the same time making the living space friendly, functional and beautiful. Our broad assortment of products helps with that – from bedding sets through towels, blankets to products for children.

Selection of our products may make the world around you become more colorful and beautiful. We exist and create for those who want their private world to look more beautiful.


Our products are certified to the highest standarts Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Raw materials are safe and we guarantee the highest quality of our products, confirmed by testing.

Our products for children were given a positive opinion by the Institute of Mother and Child. They are safe and can be used by children from an early age.

Furthermore, all licensed products have suppliers quality certificates.

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