Horeca 2014

Hotel-Gastro Meeting

Hotel-Gastro Meeting

Between 10 – 11.06 at the Hotel-Gastro Meeting we presented our products.
We would like to thank everyone who visited the Detexpol booth.

Rema Days 2014

430-targi-REMA_DAYSOn February 05 – 07 at Expo XXI Centre in Warsaw, a jubilee edition of the International Fair of Advertising and Printing RemaDays Warsaw took place . At this point, we would like to thank everyone who visited the booth of Detexpol.

Our new website

newsIt is a pleasure for us to welcome you to the new Detexpol website. Here you will find the latest information concerning our offer.

We hope that the new website will meet with a positive reception and allow you to become more familiar with the products we offer.

Washing instructions

The first thing you need to do after puchasing a new set of bedding is to read the textile label attached to the product. The instructions on the label apply to all parts of the set. Furthermore, if you want to make sure the product is high quality for a longer time, you need to remember a few more basic principles. They are not very hard, but thanks to them, you will enjoy our products longer. Here they are:
– the laudry should be sorted according to collor of the fabrics. Do not mix light fabrics with dark ones.
– before you start the washing cycle, take notice what kind of fabrics you put into the washing machine with the bedding. They should be uniform. For the first wash, we advise not to add other fabrics to the cycle.
– before you start, make sure the zippers and buttons are fastened. You want to avoid getting other fabrics inside the bedding.
– printed or embroidered bedding should be washed inside out. It will assure the colours will not wash off and will prevent the embroidery from being damaged.
– use colour detergents for colour beddings. The proper dosage should be provided by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.
– take note of the maximum temperature the product may be washed in. You should never wash bedding in higher temperature than printed on the label included in the product.
– the bedding that does not need to be ironed, should be washed in soft programs of the washing machine with short spin at  low speeds.
– leaving the bedding in the washing machine for too long may cause difficulties with the ironing. Moist bedding left in the machine may lead to discolouration or rotting of the fabric.
– drying the bedding in an extended position guarantees less work when ironing. Make sure that air has even access to the entire fabric.
– when drying, you should not expose darker fabrics to direct sunlight.

By following these instructions the bedding will remain high quality for longer, making you and us happier.

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